Twisting Steel Productions
Steeling The Wind
About the Artist

Sonny Cardinali is self-taught.  He fell into art by chance after learning how to weld in his garage. Welding small pieces together for a local manufacturer, Sonny started seeing other shapes in the metal. He would sit in garage for hours, thinking up new ways to put the pieces together. After a few weeks, Sonny developed a love for art and has been creating sculpture non-stop ever since. 

Sonny has become a local artist famous throughout Connecticut. He has been featured in newspapers and magazines all over the state.  He also participates in local art exhibits where he always steals the show.

Mike Galullo is a local artist and seasoned educator. His background in modern art coupled with his experience working with children have honed an aesthetic both graphic and compelling. His designs bring a new context and life to the work.

When these two forces combine - try not to look!


Check out this article about Sonny and Mike's 49 East Avenue exhibit on Connecticut news website, The Milford Mirror!
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